Also by Stephen Gaspar
Stephen Gaspar
The Case of the Empty Tomb is a fast-paced detective story that takes place in 1st Century Jerusalem, where Roman tribune, Claudius Maximus, has been ordered to investigate a rumour relating to a recently crucified Jew who is now missing from his tomb. The investigation leads Maximus through a world of Roman political intrigue, and strange Jewish mysticism, as he encounters suspicious characters, and uncovers conspiracies and plots. The unique aspect of the story is that it is told in the first person and is modelled after the hard-boiled detective novel.

"The author has done an interesting job of combining the hard-boiled detective genre with religious subject matter. The results are very interesting and compelling."

I hated the desert. I hated the heat and the sand and the dust. I hated everything about it.
                                     opening lines,
              The Case of the Empty Tomb